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  • Trying to do an anime character for the most beautiful girl I saw

    Sorry but I love you and because I tried to make you one of the X men characters :)

    —-still a work in progress.

    #wip #sketchbookpro #autodesk #autodesksketchbookpro #artwork #Xmen #antm #antmcycle21

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  • Follow my second tumblr account : Blankedapparently.tumblr.com

    Where I post wips and finished artworks

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  • blankedapparently:



    Avatar: Legend Of Korra

    Follow my second account where I post wips and artwork.


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  • tried to do a “cover” of Happy Little Pill before I regret it.

    I know, I’m still new on this things..
    but I’ll appreciate all of you who will give me feedbacks..
    like “stop singing.”

    or maybe “be my bae”—(lol just kidding— no but I’ll be happy if you take it seriously lol again).

    - - - - -

    Ps. You may hear ‘booty’guards, I am so sorry to ruin the lyrics. :(

  • staff:


    After recently passing the 10,000 follower milestone and getting featured on Tumblr’s radar for the 10th time, I really wanted to make a thank you drawing for the Tumblr staff. A while ago, I made this, so i wanted to make an updated version of that. Thank you for the kindness and support.

    You may think of Tumblr staff as an armless, many-faced cutie-pie. 

    Thanks, Classy! 

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  • bludgertothehead:

    but why do famous people get things for free if they’re the ones that can afford it 

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  • Me. before going to school.


  • blankedapparently:


    I really love this Android app.

    I really feel the paint tool Sai vibe in this one.

    And I am so happy to find this great app.

    Folllow my second tumblr account where I post wips and artworks :)

    Maybe I can call this my portfolio.


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